Macro Photography

I've been doing some macro photography lately and I'm just so in love with it!. I wanted to share a few shots with you, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them. 

Lisette & Travis

The appt. started at 2 o'clock and the Church ceremony was lovely. The lighting was great and the church was full of bright colors. After the celebration we went outside to a little garden to shoot the family and friends with the bride and groom. This was a very fun wedding to shoot. They were great and they were willing to pose in funny ways.

Then we went to the party where I was able to shoot most of the guests, the mariachi and of course, the bride & groom's 1st dance :)

First Communion

This was the 1st time I shoot this kind of event and let me tell you that I loved it!. I was able to capture all the emotions from Santiago, who was very excited to receive God for the first time. I really feel priviledged when I am able to be this up close and personal with my subjects and to be able to freeze this kind of moments in time.

Wedding Session

The session started at the hotel where the bride was getting ready. Make up, hairdo, the dress... I love when I am able to share this kind of moments with the bride. After that we went to the church in the middle of the rain!... The celebration was lovely and the bride and groom were so happy!

After the church we went back to the hotel for a small gathering in the bride and groom's room. Champagne, family, close friends... All of them proposed a toast and we shoot some photos there. And then, the big moment: going downstairs to the big party! I had fun shooting this wedding and I hope you have fun too watching the images.